Ethical principle: Leaders and employees develop and enhance their professional expertise.

Leaders and employees should strive to increase their professional knowledge and skills and apply them in practice. Transparency, honesty, openness and courtesy are expected from all employees in their business dealings.

General: EST is fully committed to Excellence and strives to adopt best practices for managing the organization so as to achieve the most sustainable and outstanding results.

The Company maintains records of all relevant activities and it monitors and evaluates its performance on regular basis. All KPRs and KPIs are presented to the Board of Directors during Management meetings and all reports are complete and not misleading. The company’s aim is to ensure transparency and traceability on vessels’ performance records.

All books and records must be kept in accordance with applicable laws and according to proper accounting standards. This is in order to make sure the financial information within the business is accurate and reliable.

Stakeholders’ satisfaction level, company’s compliance with legal requirements and standards, social indicators and perception, environmental performance are also taken into account.

EST’s profound commitment to excellence is evidenced by the numerous international maritime awards and the distinguished EFQM “Committed to Excellence” Award received in 2004, the “Recognised for Excellence” in 2005 and the “Recognised for Excellence-4 stars” in 2006 (the first to be awarded in the shipping industry!). During 2007 the company was awarded with the “Bee-Bronze award” and one year later with the “Silver Bee Award” and finally with the “Gold Bee Award” in 2009.

Although these achievements and commendations highlight EST’s devotion to its fundamental values they also signal our responsibility and need for reinforcing our drive for further improvements. Thus, in 2014 EST has assessed, evaluated and validated its system against ISO 26000, the first Global Standard on Social Responsibility.