ENTERPRISES SHIPPING & TRADING S.A. is committed to continuously ensure quality of services, safety and security at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, seafarers’ and employees’ health and well-being, avoidance of damage to the property and environment. Through continual improvement, the company aims at excellence and has set long term goals for zero spills or releases to the environment, zero incidents and reduction in permitted emissions.

For this purpose ENTERPRISES SHIPPING & TRADING S.A. has developed, implements and maintains a quality, health, safety, security, environmental and energy management system which:

  • Provides safe and secure practices in ship operation and a healthy, safe and secure working environment.
  • Establishes safeguards against all identified risks.
  • Continuously improves quality, safety, security, environmental and energy management skills of personnel ashore and on board our ships, including preparing for emergencies related to safety, security and environmental protection.
  • Ensures compliance with mandatory rules, legislation and regulations.
  • Takes into account applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the International Maritime Organisation, flag administrations, classification societies and maritime industry organisations.
  • Is effectively communicated to employees with the intent that employees are made aware of their individual Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Energy obligations.
  • Ensures that the Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Energy objectives and targets, plans and procedures are maintained, reviewed and revised with the aim of continually improving Company’s performance.

ENTERPRISES SHIPPING & TRADING S.A. Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Energy Management System includes:

  • A quality, health, safety, security and environmental protection and energy improvement policy.
  • Procedures and instructions to ensure high quality services to our clients, safe and secure operation of our ships and protection of the environment in compliance with relevant international and flag state legislation.
  • Defined levels of authority and lines of communication between and amongst, shore and shipboard personnel.
  • Procedures for reporting accidents, security incidents and non-conformities.
  • Procedures and contingency measures to prepare for and respond to emergency situations.
  • Procedures for internal audits and management reviews.
  • Procedures to meet the organisation’s policies related to performance improvement while ensuring that necessary resources have been allocated.
  • Environmental & Energy Review Plans and Programs.

All ENTERPRISES SHIPPING & TRADING S.A. employees, shore based and sea going, are responsible for implementing and maintaining the quality, health, safety, security, environmental protection and energy improvement policy of our Company.

Environmental & Energy Efficiency Policy Statement

ENTERPRISES SHIPPING AND TRADING S.A. is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment, by preventing among others the pollution of sea aiming at zero oil spills or releases to the environment and reductions in permitted emissions. Improving our overall corporate environmental performance in all our operations is a major and continuing priority to be achieved and all employees of the company are expected to conduct their work in a manner compatible with the company’s environmental management system.

ENTERPRISES SHIPPING AND TRADING S.A.  endeavors to minimize the “environmental and energy impacts” of all of its activities as identified in Company’s Environmental Review Plan.

ENTERPRISES SHIPPING AND TRADING S.A.  commits commits to complying with applicable shore-side and at sea environmental regulations and requirements including those of the flag Administration, Port States and international conventions associated with its activities in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2011 standard requirements.

To achieve this environmental improvement the Company will maintain, review and revise accordingly its Environmental Management System as well as Company’s Environmental and Energy objectives and targets as identified in Company’s Environmental Review Plan and Program.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy 


The Company’s Drug & Alcohol policy is in line with the principles laid out by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) guidelines and applies to all seagoing personnel, shore staff, third party personnel and subcontractors when on board.

The Company has implemented a ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’ policy thus no permissible blood alcohol content for sea staff is specified on board the Company’s ships.

The possession, consumption, trafficking and sale of alcohol and/or drug substances aboard is strictly prohibited during the seafarers’ employment agreement. All Company’s seafarers are subject to testing and screening for drugs and alcohol abuse. The Master has the authority to carry out an alcohol test whenever he suspects that a seafarer is under alcohol influence.

Any seafarer not complying with the Company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy shall be dismissed immediately and shall not be re-recruited onboard the Company’s ships.

The Company has defined a list of prohibited drugs, in accordance to International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) guidelines, which shall not be used by the seafarers on board.

The prescribed drugs that have to be used onboard for medical reasons during the seafarer’s employment are allowed provided that sufficient evidence is presented to the Master prior to use, whose permission must be obtained by the seafarer with the Company’s agreement.
Master sets the safe working conditions for any seafarer using prescribed drugs on board.
Any seafarer using prescribed drugs for medical reasons prior to employment should declare it to the Company and the Company will employ him only with doctors’ written approval and recommendations for sea duty.

In order to keep an entire and safe control of all seafarers to strictly comply with the Drug & Alcohol policy, the Company has established the following procedures:

  1. Pre-employment strict medical examination with anti-alcohol and anti-drug tests.
  2. Unannounced monthly alcohol tests carried out by the Master at any date within a calendar month.
  3. Unannounced drug and alcohol tests carried out by a third party organization twice per year per vessel.
  4. Unannounced alcohol tests other than monthly ones, carried-out by Master or any Crew Member chosen by the Company, who will be responsible to carry-out the tests in the presence of two witnesses at least once per year and / or any time at Company’s request.

No compliance and / or contradiction to Company’s drug and alcohol policy will lead to immediate dismissal and “no re-employment.”