ENTERPRISES SHIPPING & TRADING S.A., was established in 1973 and manages a fleet of bulk vessels for world-wide transportation, serving international trade in a big range of perishable products and general cargo.

The company charters out vessels for fixed periods of time e.g. one year, or for specific voyages to large multinational companies and operators. Under these charters, the charterer designates the cargo, trade route and schedule, while the company is responsible for maintaining and operating the vessel, including provision of the crew.

The Company’s strategy is to maintain long-term business relationships with major Charterers by providing quality service at competitive rates, to continue to expand and modernize its fleet and to explore opportunities for diversification beyond the existing fleet.

In addition, the company is dedicated to the flawless management and operation of modern tankers.

The Company aims to deliver on time, every time, all cargoes of crude oil and its products carried on its managed fleet, in the safest manner possible, protecting the marine environment, ensuring the  safety and health of the Company’s seafarers and the public at large.

ENTERPRISES SHIPPING AND TRADING S.A. is a niche tanker management company focusing solely on modern double hull tonnage, servicing the needs of oil major and trader clients through the formation of long-term relationships both on the spot or the time-charter markets.

Through the quality and professionalism of the teams ashore and onboard, continuous training, preventive management and proper follow-up procedures, ENTERPRISES SHIPPING AND TRADING S.A. will strive to attain high utilisation rates for the managed fleet whilst minimising risks associated with the oil shipment trade.

The Company has been found to be in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Standards of the ISO 9001. However, the requirements of this International Standard, regarding “Design and Development” can not be applied due to the nature of the Company. Therefore para. 7.3 of the Standard have been excluded from the Company’s system.

Furthermore, the Company is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment. Improving its overall environmental performance and minimising the environmental impact in its activities, with zero spills at sea, is the Company’s major and continuing priority.

To achieve this environmental improvement the Company maintains and will review and revise its Environmental Management System, and Environmental objectives and targets as identified in Company’s Environmental Review Plan and program, and will be complying with all legislation, regulations associated with it’s activities in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard requirements.

Enterprises Shipping and Trading S.A. has been certified with a four star EFQM Recognized for Excellence Certificate since year 2006 and with the Silver Bee Certificate since 2008 by the European Business Ethics Network and with Gold Bee Certificate since 2009.

Moreover, the company has been found to be in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment 18001 and has been certified with the relevant Certificate. Enterprises Shipping and Trading S.A. aims for excellence in all fields of its activities as far as health and safety is concerned and is committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of its staff.

Thus, the company requires from all employees to comply with relevant health and safety legislation, codes and standards and established good practices as well as company’s policies and procedures.

A further accomplishment was achieved in June 2012 when EST SA received the ISO 50001:2011 certificate for its commitment to continuously improve its energy efficiency.

In 2014, EST has assessed, evaluated and validated its system against the International Standard ISO 26000 which is the first Global Standard on Social Responsibility.  EST S.A. is the first shipping company in Greece that has assessed its performance against the International Standard ISO 26000. The same year the company was certificated with the HACCP certificate of compliance for implementing Food Safety Management System onboard the vessels.

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