Enterprises Shipping and Trading S.A. is a leading provider of ship management services. These services include:

  • Technical management ensuring that vessels are properly maintained and comply with all applicable rules and regulations.
  • Crew management,ensuring that vessels are crewed with competent seafarers, including coordination of crew rotations and repatriations.
  • Insurance arrangements and risk management,ensuring that crew, vessels and cargoes are covered against risks associated with seaborne transport.
  • Accounting,ensuring that financial records are properly maintained.
  • Provisions procurement,ensuring that vessels are supplied with all items required for their proper operations.
  • Newbuilding consultancy, assisting customers with builder due diligence, vessel specification development, contract negotiations, post contract follow up vessel delivery formalities.
  • Vessel sale and purchase,assisting customers with technical inspections, contract negotiations and vessel delivery formalities.
  • However, EST’s principle responsibility is to ensure the safety of its employees and the environment, the safe, reliable and efficient operation of its customers’ vessels and the safety and timely delivery of the cargoes carried on board.

The “Tanker Management and Self Assessment” (TMSA) Guidelines were launched in 2004 as a guide of best practices for the tanker sector. It was built on the foundation of the ISM CODE but moved even further to an accountable and transparent safety culture measurement tool on board the vessels and at the shipping companies.

The TMSA is being used by shipping companies managing tanker vessels not only as a tool to assess their performance against listed key performance indicators on various elements within their organization-such as management, safety, environmental, human element etc.-but also as a guideline to improve their functioning by utilizing and adopting action plans and best practices aiming at moving towards to the next level of the TMSA.

The results from the Shipping companies’ self-assessment as well as the results of vetting inspectors’ perspective can be viewed by Charterers (Oil Majors) at SIRE website who will decide whether a vessel will be accepted by them (the Oil Majors) to carry oil/oil products.

For more info about EST S.A. TMSA contact Capt. V. Ladonikolas

The TMSA has been acknowledged by the tanker sector as a significant tool for the shipping companies that wish to measure and improve their performance.

Since the initial launch of the TMSA, Enterprises has been working in accordance with TMSA guidelines as far as the tanker division is concerned and having evaluated the benefits deriving from it, we drafted a standard, initially called BMSA and implemented same to the whole fleet.

Through this initiative, EST S.A. was aiming to:

  1. provide a tool to measure procedures through self-assessment,
  2. upgrade Bulkers’ Safety Management System,
  3. develop an improvement plan based on the results of the self-assessment
  4. be ahead of future developments that Charterers might request from shipping companies (managing other types of vessels apart from tankers) a common format for assessing their performance.

This scheme began its implementation on September 2008 with a training course carried out at our premises.

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