Ethical principle: Leaders encourage employees to promote the general welfare of society and conduct their work in a manner compatible with company’s environmental management system

General:  Social and environmental responsibility has been a priority for the leaders of EST. There can be no doubt that safeguarding the environment is a vital part of company’s sustainable development. Environmental management is recognized as among the highest priorities as well as social responsibility management.

Moreover, a great amount of money is being donated annually by EST SA to various welfare institutions. EST’s employees are also involved in various welfare activities and a Team composed by members of the employees has been established which acts as representatives of the company’s employees. Each employee who wishes to participate in humanitarian efforts can deposit every month in EST’s Social Welfare Account the amount of 5 Euro. The Management has decided to actively support and encourage this action by multiplying the amount gathered by ten.

The Social Improvement Initiative Team after investigation, arranged during year 2004 for the set up of an account in a blood bank on behalf of EST employees and members of their families. Company’s Blood donation is arranged since then, twice per year.

Resuscitators have been bought and are being sent to the vessels in order to be used in case of emergency. Similarly, a resuscitator unit exists at our premises serving of course the same purpose.

It is of outmost importance for EST S.A. to acquire and maintain collaboration with educational institutions and in this respect has always provided assistance to Professors and students by completing various questionnaires for research purposes. As such, the Company has developed an ongoing and strengthening partnership with the University of Piraeus during the last four years.

The company has identified all environmental risks related to its activities and has been certified with the ISO 14001 certificate since 2002 with zero spill statement and goals to minimize all environmental impacts and attempts to contribute to the society in various ways. Within the office the recycling of paper has been arranged through the “European Center of Recycling” after the paper has been used from both sides. Used batteries are also being recycled along with empty printers’ cartridges which are being refilled.