Ethical principle: Leaders and employees understand the importance of good communication.

Leaders seek to strengthen relationships among all parties in an effort to promote and enhance the well being of employees, customers, third parties and society.

General: Sharing knowledge and information between the departments, the vessels and the partners to increase customer’s value constitutes a fundamental leadership role modelling. Leaders are personally involved in the good communication and co-operation between the Company and the vessels, in order to achieve the effective monitoring of fleet’s operational performance.  The good communication and co-operation within the Company is of the same importance as adequate information have to be shared between the departments, ensuring the smooth running of the fleet.

EST has invested a significant amount of resources on the IT dept. to ensure the efficient communication among employees as well as between the office and the vessels. NAVAS,AS 400 as well as LOTUS software are systems adopted by the company to ensure the above.

The communication between the company and its people is of paramount importance as it constitutes the fundamental element for the effective implementation of its policies and strategies. The communication channels adopted by the company are meetings held on a monthly basis as well as the circulation of Company’s Management Review, Safety Bulletins and Alerts, Lessons’ Learnt, Information Notices, Corrective Actions, Health Bulletins, EST’s Newsletters, Circular Letters, General Messages and General Info.  In order to achieve better results with regards to bottom to top communication the company has introduced since 2003 the “Employees’ Opinion Surveys” and since 2005 the “IDEA” project.

EST has launched its website in 2008. The website provides company’s profile, policy statements, mission, vision and strategies as well as contact details for its stakeholders. Also, through its website, the company releases news related to its activities and its QHSE performance. Moreover, the company maintains effective means of communication with its stakeholders by conducting “Third Party Opinion” surveys and by releasing its newsletter to its stakeholders on a monthly basis.