Ethical principle: Leaders and employees treat each person in a respectful manner, mindful of individual or cultural differences.

General: Employees are the most important stakeholder group. Within a shipping company the employees are divided in land-based employees and seafarers. In both cases, the company’s main objective is to keep its employees satisfied, motivated and involved in processes and strategic plans. To succeed this EST provides to its land based employees:

  • Training courses
  • Top to bottom and bottom to top communication
  • Private insurance cover
  • Blood bank account
  • Decent salaries and bonuses
  • Career development

With regards to seafarers EST provides:

  • Proper recruitment
  • Training courses
  • Decent salaries
  • Effective communication
  • Reasonable working hours
  • Career development
  • Correct handling of allotments and claims
  • Flexible Contracts of employment
  • Entertainment material
  • Clear drug and alcohol policy
  • Clear disciplinary policy

Unethical conduct of Employees (acting against company’s values, mission, vision and principles): Employees should take adequate measures to discourage, prevent or expose unethical conduct of an employee when noted.

Employees who believe that a colleague has acted unethically should seek solution by discussing their concerns with the Managing Director (see also ESTSA’s code of conduct).