Ethical principle: The company’s Leaders are devoted to Continual Improvement and are always seeking to improve its overall performance by managing effectively change.

General: The Company has proven, through the years, great flexibility in managing the changes deriving from the new rules and regulations or from innovation.

During Management review meetings, EST’s performance is being appraised in accordance to the ISM code, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 as well as OHSAS 18001 and EBEN GR BE Model, as audits are being carried out in order to ensure compliance with relevant requirements. Company’s self-assessment in accordance to the EFQM model, is also carried out annually and results of the meeting are analysed by the BOD.

On every occasion that Management deems it necessary to develop or fundamentally change/restructure a service or quality system process or fit new technology, it will be conducted under planned conditions in consistency Company’s Ethical standard as developed under the EBEN GR BE Model.

Apart from monitoring company’s trends throughout the years, the company is benchmarking its performance with regards to employees’ opinion surveys against other companies’ results.

The organisation depends on their third party opinion through their assessment (Administrations, Classifications, P&I clubs) and therefore it is significant to understand these expectations with the aim to exceed legal requirements. The results will assist ESTSA to identify omissions in Company’s Management System and translate customers’ identified needs to company’s objectives and improve the image and reputation.

Good financial results are the most important ones for the companies that wish to succeed and to sustain their position. The company is benchmarking its financial results in order to evaluate company’s commercial performance.

Additionally, the company monitors closely market’s trends throughout the years so as to take appropriate action at a very early stage taking advantage of the market’s conditions.