EST was established in 1973 as the operator of a single reefer vessel. During its first 20 years of existence, EST continued to focus almost exclusively on managing reefer vessels.

Due to the high value and perishable nature of reefer cargoes, the reefer trade is known as one of the most demanding shipping trades. It is a trade which requires a full commitment to quality and reliable operations as the damage to perishable cargoes in case of mechanical failure can quickly lead to the total loss of the cargo. Not every management company is able to provide the level of service required for this trade. EST, however, excelled, and by 1995 had built up a managed reefer fleet of over 26 vessels, making it the largest reefer ship management company of the day.

Based on the foundation of quality management established in a highly specialized shipping segment such as the reefer trade, EST expanded its operations to include the management of multi-purpose container vessels. The container trade is also very demanding in that time is often of the essence in the delivery of container cargoes. Having acquired invaluable experience from the reefer market accompanied with acclaimed success EST embarked on the container trade in 1995. Soon thereafter EST was providing management services to 14 container ships, 5 of which were 2,200 container carriers. Notwithstanding its early achievements in this new market, EST continued to seek opportunities and possibilities of diversification in other segments of the shipping trade. The search inevitably led to bulk carriers. Meticulous scrutiny and market research of the bulk shipping trade had convinced EST’s management that the bulk carriers market encompassed enormous profits and space for a competitor like EST.

By 2001 EST was providing ship management services to approximately 13 bulk carriers and was collaborating with “SwissMarine”, a major broker who controlled the majority of the worldwide transportation of dry cargoes. Following this successful initiative, EST continued to invest its resources and efforts into the bulk market. Applying its previous management expertise and reinforcing its commitment to the bulk carrier market, EST commenced upon targeting on servicing fleets with vessels of inimitable quality that complied with the increasing international maritime quality requirements. Suffice to say that EST provided ship management services to the first 2 ever built double hull ‘capes’ in the world. The result of this dedication to quality and excellence combined with the ingenuity and vision of the company’s managers and the unparalleled work ethics code of all its employees became evident in 2004 when EST received the first EFQM “Committed to Excellence” Certification ever awarded in the shipping industry.  In 2005, EST’s services as a management company were expanded as 32 bulk carrier vessels were added-a major challenge successfully met as the company was able to manage the change without any impact to its smooth operation.

In the following years the disastrous events of m/t “Erica” and m/t “Prestige” exposed the real need for quality and safer vessels in the tanker market. EST, being already a commended ship management service provider, leaded the trend by bringing its exceptional record of excellence and dedication to quality into the tanker market. Servicing only fleets of double hull tanker vessels of average 2,5 age EST is gradually proving to be one of the world leaders in the liquid market as well. That is the reason corporations like Chevron, Exxon Mobil and Shell have entrusted EST to provide ship management services to their chartered tankers.

Relying on its past success stories, resourcefulness and entrepreneurial ingenuity, EST has entered in 2007 the passenger transportation market and from 2011 until 2014 the company provided ship management services to a factory ship.

Over the years, EST has been undoubtedly established as one of the world’s leaders in the provision of ship management services ranging from simple advice on logistics to ‘tailor made’ solutions and from ship operations to freight contracts.

Currently, EST provides management services to a fleet comprised of 21 bulk carriers, 14 tankers, while it provides consultation services for newbuildings. The growth and solidification of the company into a major player within the shipping industry serves as a bright example of dedication and commitment of all EST personnel to the core values, priorities and high standards set by the company. EST continues in its quest to provide optimal seaborne transport logistic solutions to world markets in a safe, secure, reliable and cost efficient manner always maintaining the highest regard for its customers, the safety of its crews, cargoes and vessels and respect for the environment. Such high standards can only be achieved through an unbroken chain of dedication and commitment, from senior management down to ordinary seamen, and it is this human factor which truly sets EST apart and ensures its continuing success in providing superior services to its customers.